Best Services

Plagiarism checking

Are you ready to submit your manuscript to the preferred journal? Or is your paper due to be submitted to your supervisor or lecturer? Be sure to check whether your paper is safe from plagiarism. We can help you make a quick diagnostic  using premium plagiarism checking tools, all in affordable prices.  

With only IDR 200,000 per article (up to 10,000 words), you can ensure that each sentence in your manuscript is free from plagiarism. We will provide notes on each of the plagiarism-detected occurrence, so you can easily fix them as you see fit.


We recognize the need of academics to publish their research on reputable journals in a way that will give a positive impact, not only for the scientific community, but also for the general public. In doing so, we offer a variety of services to support your scientific publications, ranging from manuscript translation and editing, infographic formulation, to the development of your research information websites. With the support of our professional team who understand your fields of research, we will deliver your manuscript to an academic standard sought for in high quality international journals. 

Technical translation

Technical translation service for your academic manuscript deriving from your research, from Indonesian to English, up to the standard required for publication in a quality journal.


Manuscript proofreading service in English, up to the standard required for publication in your specifically targeted journal. We ensure that your paper is free from linguistic error.


Manuscript formatting service for your scientific article, based on the requirements set by your targeted journal (e.g. title and subtitle formatting, font style and size, space and margin, citation style, etc.).

Custom Illustration / Infographic creation

Illustration and infographic development service. Data will be visualized using informative and concise figures and narratives.

Poster Preparation

Poster preparation service according to the required standard of a scientific conference. This service includes poster design, content extraction, and poster size adjustment.

Figure Formatting

Figure, table and supplementary data formatting according to the journal standard. We ensure that your data can be represented through a concise, informative and appropriate illustration.

Literature Review

Review of up to ten scientific articles that are suited to your manuscript topic. This review is delivered in annotated bibliography, which will help you construct your own literature review.

Journal Recommendation

Journal recommendation service looks into your topic and journal preferences (impact factor, journal quartile, open-access/subscription) and find the right journals for you. We provide notes about the journals (strength, weakness, challenge) for your consideration.

PREMIUM service

Our premium service includes the manuscript preparation consultancy to submit your paper in the target journal. This set of services consists of tailored made consultancy packages such as relevant literature search, technical translation, proofreading, table and figure formatting, manuscript formatting and layout, and poster preparation for conferences. We also include three choices of well reputable journals that are suitable for your manuscript topic.

Research website service

Scientific publication is a way for you to disseminate your ideas, thoughts and research findings. So, how do you get your publication to give an impact on the wider audiences or donor organizations? Website can become one strategy to promote your publication and research further. We can help you fulfill this goal through the development of your very own research information website, adjusted according to your need, characteristics and objectives of your research. 

why opting for us

We bring you professionals that understand the topics and language in your discipline, to help with your manuscript writing. 

We provide service options with clear pricing offers up front. Our pricing is adjusted to the level of difficulty of our services. 

More often than not, manuscript preparation is very specific and require a custom combination of services. We offer these personalized services according to your specific need. 

We use a payment administrative system that aligns with your institutional requirements, including official invoices, payment receipts, tax inclusion, and e-SSP.